Quickly Create A Customized Closet For Your Kids To Share


When siblings share a room, it can sometimes be difficult to keep things organized because there is so much stuff that has to be placed in the room. Fortunately, the closet is one area that can be customized to make the most of the space that is available to your children. The following guide walks you through a few tips for customizing the shared closet in your children's room.

Create More Hanging Space

Add a second hanging rod to the closet for the younger child to use to hang their clothes in an organized way. The older child can use the taller rod that is already in place in the closet. If both children are not yet able to reach the upper closet rod, have a small step stool nearby that the children can use when needed.

The Door Can be Useful Too

Use a hanging shoe organizer on the back of the closet door. The organizer allows shoes to be organized in a way that allows your children to see all of the shoes that are available to them and keep them grouped in pairs so they can always find their shoes quickly and easily when needed.

Keep Toys Contained

Add drawers to the bottom of the closet for each child to use to keep their toys stored neatly in the closet. Be sure that the children do not overfill the drawers so that they are difficult for the kids to pull out and push in on their own.

Make the Customization Easy to Decipher

Label the different drawers and shoe pockets so that each child knows which storage options are theirs to use. Also, use one color of clothes hangers for one child and another color of hangers for the second child so that the children can hang their clothes properly and never guess which items are theirs. You can place the clothes on hangers in the laundry room and the children can then take them back to their room and hang them in the closet themselves because they will know which color hanger belongs to them. This allows children to take responsibility for their own clothing.

These customizations are very affordable and will give your children the space they need to store their belongings in an organized way. If you feel lost or overwhelmed with the process, hire an interior designer to help you create a custom living space your kids will enjoy. He or she can look at the space available and figure out which changes need to be made to make the space more livable and unique for your children. Contact a company like Nugent's Interiors & Upholstery Co. for more information.


18 September 2015

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