The Difference Between Raw And Finished Floors


Hardwood floors come in many different sizes, styles, designs and price ranges. The number of variables can be overwhelming when trying to pick the perfect product for your home. One of the most important decisions to keep in mind is whether you want a raw hardwood floor or one with an epoxy finish. This article explains the main difference between these two types of floors.

Choosing Raw Hardwood

Whether your floor is made out of solid hardwood, or it is an engineered product made out of glued veneers, the top layer will always be hardwood. Many people choose to buy a floor with a raw top layer. This means that there is no stain or finish on the wood. There are a few drawbacks and advantages to choosing this type of floor. First of all, after you install your floor, you have to stain it. To many homeowners, this is a major inconvenience, but to others, it is an opportunity to apply a completely unique finish to your floor. By using traditional wood stains and paint, you can create a unique finish on an otherwise ordinary hardwood floor.

Raw floors are also great for homeowners who have distinct colors around the house and want their floor to coordinate with it. For instance, if you have raw hardwood molding and trim around doors and windows, you can apply the same finish to your floors. Many people choosing raw hardwood floors because they want to apply a completely clear stain without any tint.

Choosing Finished Floor

Hardwood floors with epoxy finishes are much more convenient to own. As soon as you install them they are perfectly waterproof and ready to be used. You don't need to ever stain or reapply the finish. To some homeowners, this is a little bit of a problem because it means that they cannot alter there floor style without completely changing the hardwood. Also, finished floors generally have a finish that doesn't look as natural as a raw hardwood. The plastic-like sheen doesn't look as natural as stained wood.

In the end, both of these floors can look great and a lot of value to any room. Finished floor are definitely more convenient to install and easier to own. However, if you are willing to take the time and apply a custom stain to a raw hardwood floor, you can end up with a stylish and unique floor.

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4 May 2016

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