Give Your Toddler A Fun And Functional Room In A Small Space With Interior Design


Getting a nursery ready for a newborn is easy because it has few requirements. You only really need a crib, rocking chair, dresser, and a small amount of storage for baby toys and books for reading. However, once your baby becomes a toddler, you need to give them more than what a nursery can provide.

If you have a small space to work with, you may find it difficult to make a fun and functional design. Fortunately, an interior designer can make sure your toddler has such a room to enjoy.

Add Accessible and Inaccessible Storage

It is important to add storage that is accessible by your toddler. When you are not actively spending time with them, they will still be able to access their things to keep them entertained. You will want to try to find multi-use furniture, which can greatly add to the amount of storage you get in a small room.

Another thing that you will want to add is inaccessible storage. This storage space is perfect for keeping books or electronics, which you only want to give your toddler under parental supervision.

Organize the Closet Space

A closet will naturally provide you with storage space, but it may not be optimized. It is best to take full advantage of the closet space that you have, which requires careful organizational planning. Since your toddler is not going to dress themselves anytime soon, you can focus on optimizing storage for clothing, as opposed to organizing the closet in a way that they can access clothes with ease.

Encourage Creativity

Toddlers can get into a bit of trouble in your home because of their curious nature. Encouraging creativity in their bedroom is an excellent way to keep them from causing trouble. Getting a desk that has plenty of storage will allow you to give them crayons and markers to let them have fun with on their own.

Paint a Wall in Chalkboard

If you want to extend the creativity to another part of the room, you should consider giving them an entire wall to have fun with by covering it in chalkboard paint. After several years, you may want to paint over the chalkboard, which you can easily do by following just a few simple steps.

Incorporate Used Furniture

If you buy brand-new and high-quality furniture for your toddler's bedroom, you take a risk as they could cause noticeable damage throughout their childhood. An easy way to avoid this issue is by getting used furniture, which an interior designer can quickly find through their local connections.

Investing in interior design services will help you provide your toddler with a fulfilling room, which will naturally improve your experience as a parent and theirs as a child.


9 May 2016

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About a year ago, we invited some new investors to come to our corporate headquarters to talk about a potential merger. Unfortunately, they were displeased with the way that our office looked, and they ended up leaving without offering us a deal. That day, we took a good, hard look at our entryway and business areas, and we realized that things needed to be overhauled just a bit. We hired an interior designer to completely remodel our business, and it made a huge difference. Our office looked more professional and much more put-together. Read this blog about interior design to learn how it could help you.