Ready To Restore A Historic Home? Know What Professionals You Need


If you are purchasing a historic home in your area that needs a lot of work, there are some professionals you want to consult before you start any renovations or before you outsource the work. You want to find professionals that can help you restore the home to look how it did when it was first constructed, but with higher end finishes and modern touches. Here are a few professionals you need to get.

Historic Remodeling Contractor

You don't just want a remodeling contractor that does regular homes in the area, but you want an experienced historic home remodeler. They will know what problems to plan floor, like old wiring, asbestos, and building flaws in homes that are a century old home, and they will know what the house should look like when it's restored. Find someone that has done several historic homes in the area, and that understands you want to restore it as much as possible. You may also need special permits to restore a historic house in your area.


Before you start knocking down walls and tearing off roofing shingles, you want to know what condition the house is in. Have a home inspector do a thorough investigation so you can see what condition the structure is in, along with the wiring, plumbing and other features. The inspector can test for radon and other problems at the time they are at the house.

Interior Designer  

Meet with an interior designer, like Persimmon Lane, to see what you can do with the fixtures and finishes to make the home look historic, and to make the home still look like your style. The interior designer can help you pick out lighting, furniture, wall colors and more so the home looks fresh but true to its era. You can get the latest appliances, cabinets and more, without making the house look too modern or industrial.

There can be a lot of complications and issues when you're trying to restore a historic home, but it's worth it if you love classic architecture and you want to keep the home looking as historic as possible. Talk with these different professionals so you can start getting costs for the renovations that you need, and for the items that you want to put in the home. These professionals can help you get the historic property that you envision when you look at the house, no matter what condition it's in when you buy it.


13 May 2016

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