Why Having A Tiny Kitchen Is A Good Thing


We've all seen the real estate shows with drool-worthy houses, and especially, their colossal kitchens. Giant islands, yards of counter space, and storage galore make anyone dream of dinner parties and four course dinners. However, for those who cannot even fathom spending the money to buy or renovate a palatial cooking space, there are some things to be happy about:

Less Cleaning

A smaller kitchen means fewer places to clean. Sure, it may not make the pile of dishes any less tall, but less floor space and a smaller countertop makes for less time scrubbing. 

Minimalism With No Excuses

So you have a pathetic amount of storage in your kitchen? This too, can be a blessing! The average American owns 300,000 things. Where do they put it all? Do they even use all of these things? When you are forced with a small amount of space, you become selective, in a good way. No longer is there the guilt to take your mother's 40 year old slow cooker, or hold on to that set of ugly coffee cups you got for your wedding. You may not consider yourself a minimalist, but a small kitchen could be your first, tiny step towards less stuff and increased contentedness in your life.

Quality, Not Quantity

The average kitchen remodel costs $21,947, but those with cramped cooking quarters can breathe a sigh of relief. In fact, you have saved yourself thousands upon thousands of dollars by minimizing your square footage. Instead of having to economize on materials, you could be thinking granite countertops instead of laminate, and real hardwood floors over vinyl. In some cases, remnants of high quality materials may be available to you, and at amazing prices.

Thy Kitchen Is Thy Scapegoat

Who is hosting Thanksgiving this year? Introverts rejoice! If you are among the league of tiny kitchen owners, you will probably be exempt by default. No one wants to hang out in a house where a maximum of three people can hover over the appetizers, and the buffet line runs into itself. But if you enjoy hosting, don't fret, many homes with small kitchens have been the place of wonderful intimate gatherings of friends and family, even if inviting all the aunts and uncles is off the table. 

So whether you're looking at a new home, or trying to love the little one you own, embrace that adorable little kitchen for all its quirks.


16 January 2018

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