Use A Nautical Theme When Remodeling Your Master Bathroom


If you are a retired boat captain and have chosen to give your master bathroom a facelift and provide the room with a nautical theme to remind you of some of the highlights of your career, repaint the walls and add some of your memorabilia to transform the restroom's appearance.

Use White And Blue Paint To Cover The Walls

White and navy blue are colors typically associated with nautical decorating. Purchase white and navy blue flat or glossy latex paint. Use plastic sheeting and tape to cover closet doors or other features that aren't going to be repainted.

Paint the main part of each wall white and finish up the painting project by adding navy blue paint to the trim that surrounds the doorway and windows. Use a narrow foam or soft-bristled brush to apply paint to intricate details in the trim. 

Hang A Life Preserver And Netting

If you own a life preserver from your days aboard a ship, it can be hung from a nail or picture-hanging hardware. Otherwise, purchase a replica life preserver to display in the bathroom. You can personalize the preserver by using craft paint and a paintbrush to write a catchy phrase or quote across the top or bottom of the preserver.

Purchase some fisherman's netting and hang a couple pieces of the netting in the corners of the bathroom. Use hooks to secure artificial starfish, seahorses, and other sea creatures to portions of each net. 

Display Your Captain's Hat, Shells, And Lighthouse Figurines

Purchase a metal shelving unit and place it alongside one of the bathroom's walls. The unit can be used to display your captain's hat, shells that you found throughout your travels, and lighthouse figurines. Hang a drop light over the shelving unit so that the items on display are visible during times that the other lights in the bathroom are not turned on.

You can also use a lighthouse statue as the top of a toilet paper storage bin. To create a bin, stack small crates on top of each other, with the opening of each crate facing outward. Use pieces of twine to secure the crates to each other.

Purchase a piece of fabric that has ships or anchors printed on it and drape the fabric over the top of the stack of crates. Set a wooden or porcelain lighthouse statue on top of the fabric. Add rolls of toilet paper to each compartment. Place the toilet paper storage bin next to the toilet. 

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18 June 2018

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