4 Things An Interior Designer Looks At


Are you tired of the outdated, boring look of the interior of your property? Are you interested in completely changing the look of certain rooms in the home? Perhaps you are moving into a new house and have no idea what you need for designs. In these instances, you could greatly benefit from hiring a professional interior designer. They will be able to put together a look that you will love and that will bring out the best look possible for each room. This guide goes over some of the most important areas that an interior designer will look at when decorating the property.

1. Colors

Colors are one of the most important things to consider when designing a room. There is no easier way to set the mood in a room than a color palette. Certain colors are even said to create specific types of energy, such as:

  • Green: Tranquility
  • Red: Appetite
  • Blue: Health

So, for instance, if you needed a good dining room color, red would be a perfect choice. Green would be great for a bedroom and blue would be nice for a bathroom.

2. Patterns

Patterns can be a fun, interesting way to add more detail to a room. Don't be afraid to mix patterns to create an attractive theme for the space. Patterns can be applied to lighting like lamps or ceiling light covers. They also go great on throw pillows, curtains, and other decorations in the room.

3. Lighting

Lighting is a very important part when designing a space. Without the right light, the rest of the room won't come together. Your bright, interesting room will just look dark and unimpressive. There are tons of fun lighting fixtures that you can add to a room. From subtle to extravagant, it will be easy to play around and find the best match for your newly designed space.

4. Space

Speaking of space, it may be the single most important thing to the interior designer. It is the base of their project and defines what they have to work with. The designer will need to check out and case the room before they begin creating a look for it. The 2-D and 3-D areas of the room will be drawn into the final plans of the designer. Empty space is considered negative space and filled space is positive space. The designer's job is to find the right balance between the two.


Make sure you vet your interior design service before you hire them. Ask for a portfolio of previous projects, so you know what they are capable of.


20 January 2019

Making Your Business More Beautiful

About a year ago, we invited some new investors to come to our corporate headquarters to talk about a potential merger. Unfortunately, they were displeased with the way that our office looked, and they ended up leaving without offering us a deal. That day, we took a good, hard look at our entryway and business areas, and we realized that things needed to be overhauled just a bit. We hired an interior designer to completely remodel our business, and it made a huge difference. Our office looked more professional and much more put-together. Read this blog about interior design to learn how it could help you.