Maximize Space In A Studio With An Interior Designer


Adding more space in a studio apartment without any construction work can be simple with the help of an interior designer. The illusion of more space through adding storage and working around the studio's square footage can give your place the right look.

If you're frustrated with how much room your studio has and want to be confident that the space is used to be the best of your abilities, an interior designer can come in and make adjustments as needed for the space.

Add More Closet Space

As you prepare to update a studio, the first place to start in many cases is to increase the closet space. Having plenty of room for clothing, shoes, and miscellaneous items in your apartment or condo can be a lot easier when the closet has ample room.

Work with the Layout

Working with the existing layout of the studio can be difficult when you lack experience in interior design. Bringing in a professional can help you make the right decisions of arranging the layout and ensuring that the space feels open and a good match for your needs.

Instead of struggling to work around a layout that feels closed in, an interior designer can look at the studio and make updates based on how its laid out and what your needs are. This typically means utilizing vertical storage and avoiding any features that make the layout feel any smaller than it is.

Keep the Studio Light

Choosing the right colors is essential for making a studio feel spacious. Instead of being let down by how the studio is organized, you can be careful to choose features that keep the studio feeling bright and inviting. The insight of a professional in interior design can help you install the right light fixtures, as well as make changes to the layout to better utilize natural light.

This extra bit of effort can ensure that the studio won't feel dim and uninviting afterward. With the goal of decorating the apartment to make it feel more spacious, you can avoid a situation where you're unsatisfied with how it's decorated and can ensure that the remodel goes smoothly.

Decorating your apartment with saving space in mind will go a long way towards feeling good about living in a studio. Whether you're renting a studio long-term or own a studio, the assistance from an interior designer can ensure that the updates make the most of the space and aren't going to be difficult to update. 


2 August 2021

Making Your Business More Beautiful

About a year ago, we invited some new investors to come to our corporate headquarters to talk about a potential merger. Unfortunately, they were displeased with the way that our office looked, and they ended up leaving without offering us a deal. That day, we took a good, hard look at our entryway and business areas, and we realized that things needed to be overhauled just a bit. We hired an interior designer to completely remodel our business, and it made a huge difference. Our office looked more professional and much more put-together. Read this blog about interior design to learn how it could help you.