Hire An Interior Designer To Increase The Storage Capacity In Your Home


When you bought a home and moved in, you may not have experienced storage-related problems. However, picking up items over the years and increasing your family's size can demand more storage. A lack of storage might get in the way of your family feeling comfortable and happy at home. Fortunately, you can hire an interior designer to solve the storage issues.

Storage Solutions

An effective way to add more storage to your house is to invest in storage solutions. For instance, you can maximize storage capacity in a closet with proper organization. An interior designer will strategize using racks, shelves, and other organizational tools to achieve results. 

Another example is getting strategic with under-bed storage. A tall bed frame allows you to install drawers underneath or use storage bags or plastic bins to increase storage. An interior designer will take measurements and find a long-term solution for optimal under-bed storage. Using every bit of space under each bed in your house can make a huge difference in storage capacity. This will also help each family member because they will have more storage to use.

The garage is another place where interior designers can use their knowledge and skills to maximize potential storage. Ceiling storage racks will boost storage right away. A professional can also use shelving units along the walls with detailed labeling systems to optimize storage.


Fitting more storage in your home is easy to do when you are willing to give up space and functionality. However, an interior designer will help you increase storage capacity without giving up functionality throughout the house. A great example is using strategic furniture layouts to get around easily and invite guests over without making the home feel overcrowded.

You want storage to be easy to access and functional when adding more. Also, you want to avoid any risk of your children or pets getting injured from toppling shelves or falling items.


Adding, modifying, and replacing furniture pieces are potential solutions to boost storage. For instance, you can replace basic ottomans with ones that have storage compartments inside. You can also switch out short bookshelves with floor-to-ceiling shelving units that maximize storage.

Ideally, you want to let an interior designer know about your must-have furniture. They can work with these pieces as is or modify them to help achieve your goals.

Get great results with increasing storage capacity at home by using interior design services.

Contact a local interior design company, such as Violet Marsh Interiors, for more information. 


2 June 2022

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