Use A Nautical Theme When Remodeling Your Master Bathroom


If you are a retired boat captain and have chosen to give your master bathroom a facelift and provide the room with a nautical theme to remind you of some of the highlights of your career, repaint the walls and add some of your memorabilia to transform the restroom's appearance. Use White And Blue Paint To Cover The Walls White and navy blue are colors typically associated with nautical decorating. Purchase white and navy blue flat or glossy latex paint.

18 June 2018

Why Having A Tiny Kitchen Is A Good Thing


We've all seen the real estate shows with drool-worthy houses, and especially, their colossal kitchens. Giant islands, yards of counter space, and storage galore make anyone dream of dinner parties and four course dinners. However, for those who cannot even fathom spending the money to buy or renovate a palatial cooking space, there are some things to be happy about: Less Cleaning A smaller kitchen means fewer places to clean. Sure, it may not make the pile of dishes any less tall, but less floor space and a smaller countertop makes for less time scrubbing.

16 January 2018