Why Add a Custom Closet to Your Master Bedroom?


When it comes to ample closet space, the last thing you want to do is this: leave the space lacking. Your master bedroom should feature a custom closet that you can enjoy, and this home remodeling project will come back to you in many ways. Why add a custom closet to your master bedroom? Here are just a few reasons to consider this benefit. 1. You make your private space more functional

13 August 2020

Commercial Space Design For Acoustic Management


The look and feel of a commercial space are vital to its success — and so are the acoustics. Bad acoustics, or how sound travels through a space and how the features in the space affect what you hear, can make your space uncomfortable to be in. However, if you incorporate features into your design that help promote good acoustics, you can make the space much more welcoming to customers.

12 February 2020